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PostSubject: NinjaDeathZone   Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:46 pm

What is NinjaDeathZone?: NinjaDeathZone or NDZ is a Roleplaying site that is dedicated to the interest of Naruto. We have been up for a of time now but we think we still don't got enough members so we need you'r help to help grow NinjaDeathZone or NDZ and make it a bigger and better Roleplaying site. We have new villages, that need kages such as Araregakure, Netsugakure, Yugegakure, Chigakure, pGakuregakure, Tortoise Village, and Sukaigakure. So click the link below an come join us in the battle of a life time.

Who run's the site?: Currently the head admin of the site is Danzo Hoshigaki, but just because he is the head admin does not mean he runs it alone. Danzo has his admin which is Egress and Synyster. We are currently still looking for Admins and mods.

How to contact NinjadeathZone?:You may use the Link below or you can also click on the Banner above.
-NinjaDeathZone - NDZ -
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