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 Sitting in Ghost Town

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Isshi Okakuji

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PostSubject: Sitting in Ghost Town   Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:26 pm

Nisha crept into the empty office through it's unlocked wooden door. Yawning and stretching her arms out above her head, and sitting on the ground, leaning on the wall opposite of Kenshin Himura's old desk.

[OOC]So hihi old friends who looked up the old hangout. I wanted a place to post and saw Sun was empty, so I was like "Well I cant let sun be empty" and stuff.

So yeah, here's Isshi, back to say hi. I'd appreciate a hi back if anyone remembers little ol' me.

So here's Nishami's latest and hopefully not last post on Sannin x3

PS: I'm allowed to post here right?
PPS: Sorry for the short rp at the top. It'd be longer but In thought it'd be distracting from the message.
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Waka Hyuuga
Anbu Black OPs
Anbu Black OPs

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PostSubject: Re: Sitting in Ghost Town   Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:51 pm

And then suddenly, a burst of light. The odd, cloaked person sat by the desk itself, actually on top of it.

[OOC]Preety sure everyone knows who I am.

PS: /postcount

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Sitting in Ghost Town
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