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 A Lesson in Respect (Important Notice)

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PostSubject: A Lesson in Respect (Important Notice)   Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:54 pm

~A lesson in respect in order to be respected you have to give it to earn it. The admins and moderators of the c-box demand respect from the users of Sannin. We don't mean to be mean to any of you, but understand this. We have a job to uphold and rules to enforce here, and when you run over us, its only right that we run over you.

~The reason why is this admins have the job of keeping the site safe, regulated, and updated through a series of process called coding, approving your character sheets, and system checking. Not that we really don't want to hear your problems and arguements in the c-box.

We would just rather you take that to IM's and PM's that what it is for, your private info. Some of us are willing to sit and cope with you and may have past experiences to help you out with your situations. For the simple fact we all have problems in our lives that could relate to yours. Just ask someone to talk to with you or start a conference in IM's about the issue.

~To the moderators, same thing when the forum mods are overviewing user post its important that you watch your language and respect those that are reading your post. Someone may not like the terms your typing even worst the site could possibly be shut down from over use of foul language. This site was made to be pg-13- to R-rated at an extent.

This also goes for the c-box, its okay to change your words up a bit so they are dignified and still expresses yourself. You can still have the same meaning or abbreviate them. Do not go and use the full word, instead of B!&*@ try Bish or D@#* say darn or dam.

~Also when a moderator that has been nothing, but polite and respectful to you Omega, don't just keep continuing on with what your doing. She has given enough respect to be respected back by you.

~The founder of the site Sannin Central, Lady Ravefire Senju has built this site for your entertainment and enjoyment. She certainly doesn't derserve the amount of disrespect and back-talking from someone who doesn't even know her background.

~If most of you were to get to know the founder of this site, then I am sure she would be alot more respectful to you. Half of you complain about her only, because you don't know her or what she has done. This leads her disrespecting you and you disrespecting her back. Its an endless cycle that repeats itself and gets you nowhere, but banned kicked and frustrated when you could have just given respect to her in the first place.

~Then you then pm other admins and mods to be unbanned, why would we look over her rule and let you back on the site or give you back your priviledges when you disrespected her, and she didn't give the go ahead or say so to allow you back?!

Therefore, all we ask is for respect if you try getting to know us and we will get to know you. Without the constant lack of respect or disrespect.

~Sasuke Uchiha
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A Lesson in Respect (Important Notice)
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