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 Graveyard of Rain

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PostSubject: Graveyard of Rain   Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:52 pm

The Monument of Nagato "Pein" Fuuma statue lies in the center of this cemetary with a statue of him as Yahiko facing Hanzo the Salamander's memorial. Several thousand other war vet. tombstones rest underneath the uptown like a forgotten era. Scrolls of all the shinobi of Rain's accomplishments, even the ghost of the previous Ame-Kage Hanami Fuuma arose as an undying soilder. She still exist as a strong prescence moving around in an astral form of her previous body. Unseen to those that cannot see chakra, but heard by all. Nagato "Pein" Fuuma continues to rest next to Yahiko's body; his long time friend. The grass her is wet with fresh mid-night dew. Pein's head is hollow with stone eyes have been given candles containing the everlasting flames, Amaterasu.

When its midnight, his tall statue glows fiercely surrounded by 6 minature versions of him. His eyes dead set on Hanzo whose also granted the eternal fire to illuminate his entire body. Hanzo sits up top the mythical Salamander that occasionally breaths propaned flames into the air to appear to be living. Hanami's statue is nowhere to be found down here. Its positioned uptown in the fancier gardens for other unexplained purposes.
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Graveyard of Rain
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