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 Waterway Cannel Locks (1) [Courier Rides] ( W.I.P )

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PostSubject: Waterway Cannel Locks (1) [Courier Rides] ( W.I.P )   Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:11 pm

The northside of this abode boast a smooth a nameless jazz club whose indigo, sea green, tangerine lights shimmer like a beacon to the sky. A cool laid back finger snapping sound blended into a bass guitar and piano chimes linger throughout the twilight of Rain's district. To the south down a stone set of steps; an Island styled bar awaits anyone willing to drop by. The food smells incredibly exquisite not to mention the drinks, and cigars. They are apparently short of waiters, waitresses and bartenders after the village had become a battlefield (Ninja War Cutsceen ? v.s ? ). To the west about 5km is a strange sad faced mime wearing red suspenders, black and white striped shirt with a boat next to his right side. He appears to be mute with a cane in his left hand waving for travelers to come aboard his boat.

-Link for war, employment and district locations soon to come

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PostSubject: Re: Waterway Cannel Locks (1) [Courier Rides] ( W.I.P )   Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:46 pm

The water canal rises and falls like dancing blue hills, some fish inhabit these streams in the daytime, by twilight the water becomes as if someone filled it with an assortment of wet paint. At midnight the water currents rapidly decrease in speed, with a dense misty fog to make matters worse. The water absorbs chakra quickly so anyone below Jounin, or aren't atleast a jinchuriki of Chunin levels couldn't run across it. Battling on these waters also wouldn't last long in some cases it would be suicidal to do so. Ninja sometime strike when its pitch black at night. Your lucky to have a courier to guide you along these parts, incase of an attack stay on the boat; defend the courier, the boat and yourself to evade grave danger. This boat could lead you Sora's hidden entrance "Uptown" and various other paths outside the village if you got the cash and skills to go there.
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Waterway Cannel Locks (1) [Courier Rides] ( W.I.P )
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