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 Getsurei K. Issai W.I.P

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PostSubject: Getsurei K. Issai W.I.P   Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:30 pm


Issai, Getsurei K.

The Magician.



Body Type:

General Appearance.



Age: 26

Village: Joukaigakure

Rank: A-Ranked Missing Nin

Height: 5'8

Weight: 157 lbs

~Bio~ Tachi,born in the Kami Country, Heaven village. The Heaven village has evovled greatly in terms of Technology. The Shitsunen clan is the heir and rulers of the village and the country. Tachi's grandfather,Shujinko Shitsunen is the Daimyou of the Kami Country. Shujinko's son,who is Tachi's father is the Kage of the Heaven Village. Known as the Joukaikage, he taught all the clan secrets and history passed on from Shujinko,to the Joukaikage and now Tachi. Tachi's clan are a bunch of Crystal Release users. The Heaven village has all been altered the dna ability to use Metal Release except the members of the Shitsunen clan. By this, The Daimyou and the Joukaikage had all the metal release users make a more advanced village thats up with new weapons and defense systems.(Guns,Hover Cars. Basically Future type stuff.)

The Shitsunen clan are not a regular clan. This Clan do not go by higher Branches but it is similar. Tachi is suppose to be the prince of the clan once his father dies. Shujinko is already on the brink of death making the Joukaikage the King and Daimyou. Tachi wanted the position of Prince and eagerly killed his grandfather. By killing his grandfather without any strategy or stealth, the villagers and people who dwell in the Kami Country found out that Tachi had slain Shujinko. The Joukaikage had no choice but to put his son to rest. The Joukaikage ordered Ninja and special ops teams to kill Tachi who was dwelling in the Tower of his fallen grandfather(Video). He walked out of the dark throne room to only see his father's army ready to kill Tachi. Tachi did not even flinch as he seen the very same Metal release to make such highly advanced weapons pointed straight towards him. Tachi walked down the stairs as the people started to fire their weapons at Tachi with no Remorse, in intentions of harming him greatly. Tachi's very own Eleven blades protected him with their highly advance metal blades,deflecting the bullets easily. Tachi quickly and skillfully disposed of the people and went back to his throne room where he thought out plans of destroying his father for such betrayal. Tachi then Left joukaigakure,he had no intentions of killing his father anymore but only intentions of joining some of the Strongest ninja and prove himself to world that he is one of the most powerful ninja that live. Tachi's Taijutsu and Ninjutsu is excellent. His Genjutsu and Kekkei genkai is superb. Tachi would look in his crystal mirror and consider himself the definiton of greatness. Seeing as how many different people would love to feel this confident about themselves.

Tachi's village are a bunch of A-Ranked ninja. All with a rare release known as Metal. Advance weaponry and great defese systems with one of the most powerful clans as the heirs of the village. Tachi is both educated,and physically powerful. Known as the first Sannin of the Joukaikage Village. He was trained by his Kage father who is now died of a unknown virus. The Shitsunen clan has fallen to the likes of it's prince. A very own member of the clan has made such a powerful clan fall by just killing some of the highest ranking in the clan and causing great chaos in the land. Tachi now roams the Ninja world in hopes of becoming famous and respected. Becoming a god that all will obey and pray to. Loathing religions and wants to make one of his own so people can pay great respects to Tachi. Tachi's greatest weakness, is his need to be loved and noticed and acknowledged. Tachi has to do outrageous and unthinkable things just to get attention, and he only does it for that simple reason. Instead of doing somthing great and something people can be proud of, He has to do something no one would expect just to be known for it. Still he lusts attention outside of his country.

Jutsu: Canon


Bloodline: Complete Sword Mastery/Crystal Release/Hidden Doujutsu.

Clan: Shitsunen.

Likes: (Five at the least.)

Dislikes: (Five at the least.)

Habits: (Three at the least.)

Weaknesses: (Five at the least.)

Strengths: (Five at the least.)

Fears: (Three at the least.)
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Getsurei K. Issai W.I.P
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