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 Guarded Gates (1)

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Junichiro Sōsuke

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PostSubject: Guarded Gates (1)   Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:55 pm

Hello there, black star ninja, welcome to your home sign greets you. Buls***.
This isn't a tourist attraction this where you sleep only when you have finished your job and this is the place where you would visit less than anything else.
The Barracks are surrounded by electric charged wire wall and it's gate is one and only one, the gate isn't like those from a castle it's rather a moving wire wall like the others around but it stays electrified when it's not moved but when it is moved so it can open and let people pass the electricity is cut off at least only to the gate.

There are two wooden posts from the two sides of the gate in which one men stands in each of them while four guards on each side of the post stay outside and equipped with special visiors they can see everything that moves in a mile away. Powered by chakra of course. Trespassing is a complete suicide and it's impossible.

The Patrol Corps often visits the gates in their daily routine checking out if everything is alright, while the Inspection Corps check for anything that is wrong including checking out rooms of the personell and the ninjas living in the Barracks. But still this place is still a priority of the Guard/Protection Corps which guard different stuff around the highly organized village of Black Star.
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Guarded Gates (1)
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