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 The Third Gate: [ Complete ]

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PostSubject: The Third Gate: [ Complete ]   Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:04 am

The Third Gate: The Raging Lake of the Dead, is a misty dark gray water colored lake. The dead ninja that are now at the bottom of these dark waters placed a jutsu here before their death. This jutsu made anyone that came near this place insane. They'll go as far as to turn against their friends, splitting up the perfect team. The tree's here are dead, animal spirits haunt this place. Its always dark with fog everywhere making it easy to become lost. There is a secret to getting by this place, its not an illusion but its all in your mind THE VOICES OF THE DEAD!!!! At midnight they rise from below bony, rotten fleshly hands scraping the dirt back, uncovering a face missing eyes and some skin. They moan and groan as the air becomes colder, the only resting places here are old wooden cabins and cottages. Can your Ahem You make it past this seemingly endless nightmare? ( Your team will be pm'd a story on why so many failed at this point, its up to you to make sense of it...Good luck)
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The Third Gate: [ Complete ]
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