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 The 5th Gate [Complete]

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PostSubject: The 5th Gate [Complete]   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:37 pm

The 5th Gate:

Rocky River Rapids. You and your team enter a gate where there's vast fowing clear waters and small boats shaped like a half hollowed log. Your team members will have to choose where to sit in either front, back, or middle. The front rider will get to see what's going on ahead. The one in the center will cover the left and right sides. The one behind will just survey what's being passed up. The boat itself is large enough only to barely move, you may be able to duck underneath your seat or stand, but that's all.

The left and right as expected is wild with jungle appearance. The front has rocks with water crashing into them. Speeding down the rapids you'll notice your eing followed. Could it be a rival team ready to take your scroll o something else. Behind your team will be gigantic boulders hurled and thrown your way; attempting to crush and sink the boat.

On the left and right are armed and set kunai machine guns set to open fire at the team as the boat hits a snag triggering the trap. The boat will pause for a brief second, slowing down for just a split second then continue forward.

Lastly up front will be a large dead end of rocks set to for the boat to crash into. There will be three road blocks. one at the beggining, middle and end. The last one won't go away, instead it will start to stand on two stone feet and glarre at you; Its a petrified golem. It starts by picking up your boat snapping it in 3 sections and satting it back down in the water; splitting the team. You now all face and stare at the huge thing as it starts create giant waves and hurl rocks your way. Then body splash onto the river and opens its mouth to try and eat the three of you with its eyes closed. Will you be its next meal before its hybernation?
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The 5th Gate [Complete]
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